King Macbeth

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‘…to be King, stands not within the prospect of belief’

Shakespeare would have us believe that Macbeth was a murderous usurper; a bad man and an unsuccessful King.

Shakespeare's Macbeth is fiction.

The Macbeth of historical fact is a different man, one who ruled Alba - the lands that form the heart of the country now called Scotland - for 17 years in the 11th century.

Using this web site, you can compare and contrast the fictional and real Macbeths and learn more about Macbeth's world. And you can meet Macbeth by joining the community of people with an interest in the life and times of this fascinating King.

Listen to Macbeth or watch an introductory movie.

You can also download a leaflet that accompanies a short audio story about one day in August 1040: the day on which Macbeth, Mormaer of Moray, realised his ambition and became King of Alba.

Welcome to 11th century Moray.